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It is for the best.

Paul and I took a trip down to South Padre Island to visit my aunt and spend some time at the beach. It was fun and relaxing. Paul got to go scuba diving into some sunken ship on the bottom of the ocean floor, 1.5 hours away from the coast. He loved it. I just tried to not panic on land while waiting to hear of his return. It's a hobby that he loves and one that I support, because it results in me reading books on pretty beaches while he explores the world underwater. My anxiety is a small price to pay for the privilege.

On the way down, we drove through my hometown and neighborhood (Corpus Christi). It was...hard, surprisingly. I got very emotional for some reason. I knew I grew up in a challenging environment, but going back to the neighborhood and seeing the home I lived in, it's state, the state of my neighbor's homes and roofs and windows (or lack thereof) was just...hard. That shack houses a lot of memories, both good and bad. It was a little overwhelming to feel them all wash over me at once.

I woke up today feeling very lucky and fortunate. I've worked hard, it's true. But I am no fool. I know that I have certainly been helped by luck. I am very grateful.

Photos & video of our wedding

I realized that I totally forgot to share these on here with you all!  It's been a crazy semester, so I apologize for keeping some of you waiting!

John, our videographer completed our wedding film with 5 amazing chapters. You can see them below. The password to see these videos is "jungmedia"

Amanda, our amazing photographer, gave us permission to share high resolution, print quality files of our wedding photos with all of our friends and family. I am especially grateful for this because I had an "unplugged" ceremony where no cameras were allowed. The photos can be found on the gallery on our website:
We're so lucky to have such amazing footage and photos to help us remember such a beautiful, happy day. <3

Happy New Year, Y'all!

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Todos le dicen el negro, Llorona
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Yo soy como el chile verde, Llorona
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